Firevine Advertising & Design • March 16, 2015 • Interactive, Photography, Photography

Website Design Featuring High Impact Visuals

Indiana Carton, a national leader in window packaging solutions, needed a new website design that accurately reflected their position as an industry leader.

You know when you’re at the supermarket or a fast casual chain and you can’t help but buy a delicious looking food item presented perfectly inside a well branded and presented package? You have Indiana Carton to blame. But you are not their target customer. The supermarkets are. So when developing this project, we needed to address the needs of bakery and deli departments. The strategy? Inspire them with what their merchandising efforts could look like with high impact packaging solutions. We delivered commercial photography and special website animation functionality in doing just that. Check it out at



Firevine Advertising & Design • September 3, 2013 • Photography, Photography

The brainchild of a businessman entrepreneur who set out to be an exceptional chocolatier, the South Bend Chocolate Factory has been a phenomenal success story. Their biggest marketing need? Product photography that caught the brand’s attention to detail in its elegant packaging design and succulent candies.

The value of the commercial photography we produced was its ability to be repurposed across any communication channel. The expert lighting and post-production means every pixel is clean. When the company executes an outdoor marketing campaign, they’ve now got a great catalog of images. Same thing for print or web marketing.


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