Utilimaster is part of publicly listed Spartan Motors Co. and has been trusted for years as a provider of the highest quality commercial vehicles for some of the largest fleet operators in the world.

So when they chose to take on an all new market, they decided to give us a call. The conversation quickly turned to brand development needs. A product name. Logo. Typography. We collaborated in identifying a position in the marketplace they could own, while appealing to two very distinct target audiences. The result was an ultra clean, lux-inspired logo worthy of any top-of-the-line cuisine or cookware brand. That in this instance just so happened to be for a truck.


When “Mobile” is in the brand name and the offering is something as hip as the most luxurious food truck in the world, the product website better deliver on the promise. Our effort for the Gourmet Mobile Kitchen brand does just that.

Custom illustrations, graphics, composite and product photography all combine to clearly separate the Gourmet Mobile Kitchen brand from every other food truck on the market. And whether the visitor is browsing on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, they’re treated to an intuitive experience. The navigation automatically reformats and elements realign, but the goal of the site, which was to be a rich visual experience, is always consistent. (Not to mention this site was awarded Best In Show by the American Advertising Federation). Pretty cool stuff indeed.


When your go-to-market strategy is to offer the highest quality product, the smallest details make all the difference. For the Gourmet Mobile Kitchen by Utilimaster, this meant exceptional product photography to show-off those details.

Look around the web for food truck interiors, and what you’ll find will be quite uninspiring. Not only because the product can’t match the Gourmet Mobile Kitchen level of detail, but also because the photography rarely helps. Shooting in a small space requires expert control to maintain proper image perspective, and expert vision to overcome the challenges of photographing a completely stainless steel setting (hot spots anyone?). Needless to say we overcame, and the result was exceptional commercial photography of both the Gourmet Mobile Kitchen exterior and interior.


With the goal in mind to create a site as visually rich and interesting as street food cuisine, we knew from the onset composite photography was necessary in executing the vision.

We needed a shot of the product on a curbside in Miami. So we built it. We needed to show a brand in motion, so we built the brand and the image when going on-location wasn’t an option. When we needed to show the expert engineering and tested performance in action, we built a scene where the product was being blasted with simulated rain. In delivering the composite imagery we combined studio shots with product shots and various backgrounds, and won awards for the work. The best award? A very big, very happy client.


Customized from scratch, like their mobile kitchen counterpart, we created infographics, restaurant brands, and icons that were crisp, clean, and complementary to the brand.

Introducing a new product, such as a food truck, into the market requires a vision of what “could be”. We understood that the clientele needed to see themselves, and their brand, in lights. We created professional looking brands, compositing them on the Gourmet Mobile Kitchen, to achieve visualization. We also created complimentary infographics to help distill information easily, and icons that created a simple understanding.

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