The Firevine B2B Brand Optimization System is a streamlined path for B2B businesses wanting to best leverage their brand for sustained success. And as a growing company serving the property maintenance needs of the biggest retailers in North America, that’s exactly what was needed at Springwise.

We started by identifying an Authentic. Unique. Meaningful. brand position that when extended to marketing communications completely set Springwise apart from every other facilities maintenance service brand. It leveraged the combination of expertise, integrity, and innovative technologies genuine to the Springwise story. There was enough equity in the existing logo that we didn’t need a total redesign, but we still needed a mark that accurately reflected this new brand position. We decided on a logo refresh, where we updated the owl icon by giving it a more powerful and vigilant appearance. A redesigned website and new sales collateral also rounded out phase one deliverables.


Springwise is in an industry where a single deal can be worth millions of dollars, so it goes without saying they needed an industry leading website. That’s exactly what they got.

Research shows nearly 100% of B2B purchases involve an online component prior to purchase, placing increased emphasis on the importance of the brand website to drive engagement and leads. But how do you keep visitors on page long enough to drive home messaging? Easy. Custom, high impact visuals to get the attention of targets, and high quality content to help decision makers feel good about taking the next step. This is the playbook we executed for Springwise, and the moving parts included commercial photography, custom design elements, snappy headlines, a good amount of optimized web copy, and a simple call to action on nearly every page.


Facilities Maintenance is often viewed as a commoditized industry, especially when dealing with procurement departments at some of the world’s largest retailers.

One way we chose to combat this perception was by producing a considerable amount of commercial photography original to the Springwise brand. How can a competitor copy the look and feel of Springwise if they don’t have the design resources? Simple. They can’t. And for anyone thinking every image of a snowplow looks the same, we made sure to give them second thoughts. Accomplished by producing photography deliverables that captured the Springwise work ethic, tough-nosed approach, and willingness to tackle any task for their clients. Springwise now has a library full of relevant images for any marketing purpose, and the photography has already been used for website header images, in sales brochures and flyers, in corporate video production, and more.


When you recruit experienced sales and management professionals inside Fortune 500 companies to round out your workforce, it only makes sense to arm them with tools that leave an indelible impression.

The print design pieces we’ve delivered as part of the B2B Brand Optimization deliverable for Springwise do that by including a good amount of extra flair. Stepping into a power meeting? How about a business card near brick-like in it’s thickness with neon green edges, and embossed and printed on an old school handpress? Launching a brand refresh at the biggest industry trade show? How about a gateway brochure with custom photography, that leverages existing brand associations and creates new ones? Or a custom die cut and engineered brochure for key prospects? We executed all of this and more for Springwise, and the company has continued to grow.


If you’ve ever walked a trade show, it doesn’t take much time to distinguish the companies actually managing their brand from those that don’t.

In continuing the extension of the Springwise  rebrand across all meaningful touch points, it was important that we delivered a trade show video to cap off their 20×20 trade floor space at their biggest show of the year. The result is a high energy piece with parallax effects, animation, time-lapse, and 3D elements that clearly tells the Springwise value proposition, and speaks to their position as an industry leader in innovation.


Complimentary design elements that scream technology arrange and inform users in a simple, clean fashion.

Geometric shapes, patterns, icons, and illustrations all came together to create a strong brand extension used in print materials, video productions, and website designs. We never deviated from the vibrant bold brand colors, keeping our audience engaged was our focus, and we succeeded.

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