In conducting business for over a hundred years, a rich history and a great degree of brand equity existed for Metropolitan Title that demanded attention in any rebranding effort.

But beyond icons, colors, and messaging, there was also a strategic alignment that needed to take place. So we began brainstorming with the partnership group, and made hundreds of phone calls to their target audience of lenders and real estate agents. The result? An Authentic. Unique. Meaningful. brand position, a new tagline as Indiana’s Title Company, and a modern, vibrant brand identity.


Diagnosing the web needs for Metropolitan Title including insight into how their audience used the web. The always-on nature of real estate professionals meant the new website needed to deliver seamlessly across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

We designed the site to communicate in a simple, straightforward, and honest manner, featuring the soft yet vibrant brand color palette, Indiana landscapes, and simple messaging. We wanted the site experience to reflect the same experience a customer could expect in dealing with a Metropolitan Title professional one-on-one. And the site is 100% responsive, which means the on-page elements realign depending on device.


Integral to authentically living out the claim as “Indiana’s Title Company” meant original brand imagery. So Metropolitan Title commissioned us to set out and capture Indiana in all its beauty.

The commercial photography we produced was not only used on the new website, but also found a home on the walls of Metropolitan Title’s offices throughout the state. The shots range from historical landmarks to cityscapes and countrysides. Every photograph is both unique and familiar, and works to capture the essence of Metropolitan Title’s core values and appreciation for its Indiana roots.


As a sales-driven organization, it was important for Metropolitan Title sales professionals to have a promotional item as unique as the manner in which they serve their customers.

But it was equally important for the piece to make sense within the new brand identity, while resonating with the target audience. The result has been a series of promotional items that no one in the industry would have ever expected. The first giveaway was a sapling in a custom engineered and branded Metropolitan Title box. Given out around Arbor Day, we encouraged recipients to plant the tree, creating a constant brand reminder in the process. And included the caption, “Our roots are here.” in solidifying the brands focus on Indiana customers.


Custom illustrations feature colorful and bold looks, on brand colors and simple easy to understand information.

Design elements act as support visuals in an modern and vibrant way. Allowing access to information quickly and easily. We continued the usage of Indiana’s state colors to coincide with the tagline as Indiana’s Title Company.

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