Delivery Concepts, Inc. builds the highest quality temperature controlled vehicle solutions on the planet. When they called us the problem was the existing brand didn’t portray that reality, greatly limiting the opportunities for work beyond single order jobs.

With the immediate challenge one of strategic branding, the first item at hand was establishing a framework for decision making. Who was DCi? Why did the company matter? What was going on within the competitive set? As different strategic positioning and purpose statements were discussed, a singular vision crystalized. DCi was to be the worldwide leader in food transport innovation. From this new direction came a new logo and tagline worthy of their position as a market leader with proprietary solutions.


The new brand direction firmly established, the next step was extending it to the web. This meant an all new website that accurately reflected their position in the marketplace and capitalized on the online market for temperature controlled vehicles.

We developed beautiful composite photography, 3D vehicle models for nine different products that allowed for 360 views, and mobile website compatibility. Most importantly, we organized the online content in a manner intuitive to the way DCi customers shop – by vehicle, by temperature, and by industry. The result was an award winning website that has helped DCi considerably grow their business, and secure contracts with companies for entire fleets of vehicles.


New brand assets such as an industry leading website and high impact sales materials require exceptional product photography.

DCi has many different product lines ranging from refrigerator / freezer type boxes to vehicles that range over 24 feet in length. This means the approach to effectively capturing products in the very best light requires expert knowledge of studio set-up, multiple lighting techniques, and serious post-production abilities. But it also means when we’re finished, you’ve got a catalog of images that can be used on a 48 foot billboard and not one pixel will seem out of place. The final look developed for DCi products is clean and simple. We wanted the quality of the engineering to speak for itself, and needed an aesthetic that works across web and print marketing.


As an organization with sales offices around the country and continued investment in trade show advertising, we also needed to extend the new DCi branding to print collateral.

Completing the first phase of the DCi rebrand included a printed sales piece that serves as a handout at trade shows as well as a direct mail piece. Since it was designed in a modular fashion, it allows the sales team to pick which products to feature depending on the target, maximizing cost efficiencies.


Product shots are great. But sometimes it’s necessary to show a product in action to really engage your targets. That was the goal in producing composite photography for DCi.

The composite images were created by combining DCi product photography and cityscapes from across the country (we felt this would do well in showcasing DCi’s nationwide reach). The images have been used as web headers in making web pages pop, and also in sales collateral pieces.

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