Holding the two largest dental practices in the country in their portfolio, Afdent has a unique way of meeting the dental needs of today’s families. But extending the brand from a dental services provider to a dental franchise solution meant taking on highly capitalized firms who enjoy the added benefit of a decade’s head start.

Our solution? An honest, inspiring brand video that is anything but corporate. Designed to appeal to many of the 200,000 dentists in the United States who feel none of the hard-sell, numbers-first opportunities is right for them, the video features all that is unique about the Afdent Franchise brand. From profiling franchise founders as they discuss the people-centric Afdent philosophy, to showing a patient receiving exceptional care, the video unassumingly, but profoundly articulates how easy dentistry and patient care can be when you’re part of an Afdent franchise. We use original music, sound effects, studio interviews, and on-location video production in telling the Afdent story through a final edit that’ll make you want to go to dental school.


Afdent relied upon us to create a direct mail piece unlike anything seen in the hoards of mail private practice dentists receive daily.

The Afdent Franchise mailer project was not really a mailer at all, but rather a custom engineered, feature rich box of wonder. Each piece introduces the Afdent brand as the highest quality opportunity available, exuding attention to detail and innovation – important characteristics of the Afdent brand. With an attention grabbing headline stamped into the box, along with a soft touch brochure and custom wood grain inlay on the inside, box recipients couldn’t help but take the USB drive secured within the packaging and plug it into a computer. Of course, when they did, it autoplayed the aforementioned brand video. The box cut through the clutter, delivering a high response rate, and helped Afdent generate their first interested franchisees.


The Afdent franchise model is top notch, offering uncompromising quality to patients and unmatched opportunities for dentists. We were able to capture that visually.

Generating buy-in for an expensive investment like a business franchise is a difficult task. But we made it a little easier by creating out-of-category commercial photography. Consistent with the rest of the Afdent Franchise brand, the photography portrays a vibrant and warm atmosphere. It also captures a sentiment of success and fulfillment experienced by franchise founders and Afdent personnel. Since it looks nothing like photography generally expected in a dental company’s marketing efforts, it immediately grabs the attention of potential franchisees and evokes a feeling that they too could have that kind of work-life balance. And an Afdent Franchise might be the exact place they find it.


Because this was a new brand launch, the first priority was introductory brand messaging. We needed to let every dentist in the country know that Afdent exists.

We built the site with unique messaging to tell the story of why the Afdent Franchise solution was better than any other opportunity out there. But we also combined it with the direct mail campaign, to deliver data and lead capturing abilities. When the mail piece pointed dentists to the website, they needed to enter their dental license number to gain access. This allowed franchise personnel to know exactly how to focus follow up efforts. We also built the site with a video home page background, again to show off the stunning visuals captured in the corporate video piece and speak to Afdent’s forward-thinking nature.


Simple, inviting, and on brand.

We delivered custom design elements for the Afdent Franchise brand to be used across the various communication pieces. This delivered on the Afdent promise of a higher level of detail, and helped form a foundation of visual elements and style for the brand moving forward.

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